The Edible Editor is a lifestyle blog by me, Natalie Harris-Spencer,Natalie Harris-SpencerGlobal Content Manager for Sony, Online Editor and Freestyle Blogger for Time Out, Londonist, The Huffington Post, Bouquet Catch and more. I use it as a platform to go on about London, events, arts, food, culture…you get the idea.

I’m fed up of reading fashion blogs (or rather just gazing at the massive pretty pictures) so I’ve tried to create intelligent editorial that really engages. I’m a word geek like that.

For over a decade I’ve been working with online content in all its lovely forms – blogs, social media, videos, wireframes, HTML – across many platforms. I’ve written some obscure things, from secret columns to kids’ TV scripts to front-page headlines. I’m currently partaking in the painfully enlightening process of writing my first novel.

If you’d like me to look at your website content, produce it, manage it and report on it, then drop me an email or get in touch using the contact form.

The Edible Editor is a nod to The Edible Woman, a novel by the ever-awesome Canadian novelist Margaret Atwood that encapsulates everyday consumerism in a visceral way.

It is not a food blog (although I may write about food from time to time).