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The first time I saw the trailer below, I felt ever so slightly sick. A film? About Facebook? Called The Social Network? Really?

But on second viewing, I have decided that I am going to give it a chance. Why? Because whether you love or hate it (or feel both emotions simultaneously as I sometimes do when I feel impelled to click the ‘Like’ button), you can’t deny that Facebook has redefined the zeitgeist. Indeed, everyone knows (or can be found quoting) that “if Facebook was a country…” it would be the third largest in the world. Almost incomprehensible.

I maintain that the film’s casting suite missed a trick by not casting Michael Cera as Mark Zuckerberg; however, I defy you to watch this trailer without a fragment of disgust / delight.

Oh, and the use of Radiohead’s Creep on this trailer really shouldn’t work. Again, I feel slightly sickened that it just…does.

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