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It’s quite an odd feeling wishing you don’t get everything you’ve paid for (value for money and all that), but that’s exactly how I feel about my London 2012 Olympics tickets. Clearly, I want to attend everything I’ve bid on (and am rather damned excited about it), I just fear I may have gotten a tad carried away, justifying it to myself as a ‘once in a lifetime’ expenditure. Which of course it is, just unfortunately it hasn’t come at a particularly financially comfortable point in my lifetime.

Somewhat irritatingly, the money will come out of my account before I know what I’ve been allocated. All I know is that it’ll be up to the value of…pain. A painful amount. I’m not knocking the system; in fact, I think a ballot is the fairest way to ensure everyone gets a punt at affordable tickets. It’s just it would’ve been nice to find out exactly what that money’s going on instantly so I can start thinking about re-sales and future bidding, rather than be kept guessing for a month.

I’m definitely all in favour of carpe diem (or seizing a fortnight next year) when it comes to something as big and exciting as the Olympics landing in your very own beloved city. So with blatant disregard for any copyright rules on Graham’s blog, here are the events we’ve bid on:

Friday 27th July 2012

1930-2230: Opening Ceremony, Olympic Stadium

Saturday 28th July

1000-1615: Cycling Road Race, Putney (passing through)

1445-1815: Volleyball, Earls Court

1930-2135: Swimming, Aquatics Centre

Sunday 29th July

0930-1245: Artistic Gymnastics, O2

1700-2145: Football, Wembley Stadium

Monday 30th July

Free Day

Tuesday 31st July

1900-2245: Hockey, Hockey Centre

Wednesday 1st August

1000-1305: Swimming, Aquatics Centre

1430-1630: Table Tennis, ExCeL

2000-2350: Beach Volleyball, Horse Guards Parade

Thursday 2nd August

1200-2000: Tennis, Wimbledon Centre Court

Friday 3rd August

1000-1345: Athletics, Olympic Stadium

1600-1855: Track Cycling, Velodrome

Saturday 4th August

1000-1345: Athletics, Olympic Stadium

1430-1830: Basketball, Basketball Arena

1820-2100: Water Polo, Water Polo Arena

Sunday 5th August

0830-1215: Hockey, Hockey Centre

1500-1640: Synchronised Swimming, Aquatics Centre

1850-2155: Athletics, Olympic Stadium

Monday 6th August

Free Day

Tuesday 7th August

Free Day

Wednesday 8th August

1900-2210: Diving, Aquatics Centre

Thursday 9th August

Free Day

Friday 10th August

1500-1720: BMX Cycling, BMX Circuit

1900-2140: Athletics, Olympic Stadium

Saturday 11th August

1500-1730: Football, Wembley Stadium

Sunday 12th August

1930-2230: Closing Ceremony, Olympic Stadium

It’s no exaggeration to say that this agenda took hours of planning (potential venue clashes), mastering (if we hedge our bets with the range of ticket prices, will we get a few finals?) and a lot of compromising (“I’ll give you BMX and Beach Volleyball if you give me Artistic Gymnastics and Synchronised Swimming”).

With the funds due to be extracted next Monday 16th, I’ll be waiting, like the majority of the UK’s loyal sports fans, with baited breath. And extended overdrafts.

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