Jimmy’s Secret Garden Summer Pop Up

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The evenings are getting longer and lighter and I’ve just bought a spring coat, which basically means summer is here! Oh hai, summer. Imagine my delight then, when I caught wind of the latest London temporary summer eatery, The Secret Garden.

Stockbroker-turned-chef Jimmy Garcia is opening an enchanted, immersive summer dining pop up experience, running from 25th April to 31st August. Enter through an ivy-swept magical mystery door at 409 Clapham Road and step into a world of edible gardens and greenery, farm-fresh food and botanical-themed cocktails. Sounds very Narnia-meets-Wind in the Willows to me. Featuring menu options from ‘The Field’, ‘The Pond’ and ‘The Patch’ including ‘Peas and Love!’ garden pea and mint mousse, ‘Run Rabbit’ wild rabbit loin, and DIY indoor tabletop BBQs, you can expect whimsical, non-pretentious, bargain food (prices range from £3 to £9.50, with a 7-course tasting menu for £35 per person). All woodland creatures welcome, evidently.

The Secret Garden - Salad              The Secret Garden - Food              The Secret Garden - Fish
Jimmy has been popping up all over London since February 2011. His past sell-outs include Savoyard Supper Club, Jimmy’s Olympic Supper Club at Annex East and The Lodge, Balham. The Secret Garden set will be designed by Firecracker Works, who also designed The Lodge.

So come join me amidst the foliage for a delicious (and probably tipsy) Midsummer Night’s Dream. Hurry though – summer won’t last forever….and neither will this magical pop up.

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