Bucket List for 2011

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OK, so despite my bucket list pertaining to just this year, rather than encompassing the indeterminable time frame ‘before I die’, I felt I needed to get this particular list down to remind me of my goals and to have something to look back on this time next year.

These are not my New Year’s Resolutions; rather, they are my methodical mind attempting to grasp what needs doing. I love lists.

I will also stipulate that this list won’t confine, restrain or isolate me. It won’t make me any less spontaneous; I plan to do whatever the goodness I choose. And this post will most certainly be subject to editing, as my year progresses.

A lovely combination of order and impulsiveness makes for a happy existence, in my humble opinion.

  • Get a car. Expel Nipper to the scrap metal graveyard. Goodnight and God Bless Nipper, you’ve been one hell of a run-around-er.
  • Give in and get a twatphone *cough* I mean smartphone.
  • Resist January sales shopping to the best of my ability.
  • Go to the gym at least twice a week. Failing that, join some kind of organised sports team where I could grow to be an asset rather than an embarrassment.
  • Organise my iTunes once and for all. Fill musical gaps. Get a new iPod. Stop obsessively listening to the same albums like a gormless child watching a tap drip.
  • Claim free bottle of wine and meal from Bar Kick (if offer hasn’t expired).
  • Claim free mulled wine at The Hideaway (if offer hasn’t expired).
  • Go see Wicked and Avenue Q (before it finishes).
  • Go to the opera. It makes all my fibres go tingly.
  • Indulge in some more Emirates corporate hospitality. Sneak Arsenal-Villa in there if at all possible.
  • Keep up visits to corners of the UK that hold the greatest ties: Hertfordshire, Cardiff and Swansea; and the more recently added Brighton, Hove and Ashford.
  • Go on total relaxation holiday to France.
  • Mini break / spa weekend involving lots of wandering around in a white towelling robe.
  • Go to a theme park and face my lifelong fear of the teacups (realistically I probably won’t be able to).
  • Return to the Tate Modern, Saatchi Gallery and National Portrait Gallery.
  • Return to the London Dungeons, this time with Graham (for protection from evil actors).
  • Go to the Evolving English Exhibition at The British Library.
  • Drink mulled wine until it’s time for the great ‘mulled-wine-to-Pimm’s-switch’.
  • Give in and watch films like Avatar and Alice in Wonderland that have somehow eluded me. On that note, finally go watch a film in 3D at the cinema / IMAX.
  • Many, many city breaks loaded with culture.
  • Go on a beach / poolside holiday somewhere hot. Culture optional.
  • Questionable weather ‘summer’ picnics in London Fields, Haggerston Park and other east London haunts, last year’s key picnic spots. Discover new ones.
  • Listen to French on the tube. Start talking French. Become fluent in French.
  • Learn shorthand for potential journalistic uses, but mainly for the obscure challenge.
  • Attend The Last Tuesday Society’s Halloween Ball, again.
  • Visit the Birmingham Christmas Market (since I missed it last year).
  • Visit the Berlin Christmas Market, potentially.
  • Stay happy, healthy, lucky and loving.

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