Ten weird things cats do

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My cat is really weird. He’s not ninja cat, sad cat or LOL cat, he’s just an utter weirdo. During the time I’ve been living with the ‘mad king’ that is Pepe Bandeira Harris Spencer (yes, he’s a posh Mexican bandit), I’ve observed a few ‘special’ cat character traits. Is it just Pepe? Or are there other cats out there like this? Cat weirdos anonymous unite.


1. Hurdle boxes. Get inside boxes. Chew boxes.
2. Nestle in sinks and drink from running taps.
3. Lick kneecaps.
4. Jump up on bookcases, staring down at you with haunted eyes.
5. Howl at the moon. And wail like a hormonal banshee when you accidentally step on his tail.
6. Watch you in the bath, fascinated by the bubbles (or so he would have you believe).
7. Sit in front of the TV in the most obnoxious way possible.
8. Chew laptop screen corners, TV screens corners, mobile screens corners, tablet screens corners…he likes screen corners.
9. Meow in your face when you’re lying in bed hungover. Presumably to check you’re not dead.
10. Eat olives.

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