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I seem to be at least a fortnight behind with my recent blogging. All I can say is that unprecedented distractions (in a variety of guises – work, play and otherwise) have resulted in minimal writing time.

Below is a short(ish), sharp write-up of things I’ve done recently and things that have been swimming splashy lengths up and down my mind:

The autumn-winter intersect

How great is this time of year? Crunchy weather, mulled wine, twinkly lights. All wonderful, until the ‘C’ word (Christmassy) starts getting bandied around (much like when the verb of Facebook – v. Facebooked, Facebook it – became a part of everyday lexicon). Keep wanting to shout “It’s still November!” at moronic, carol-loving shoppers.

Bonfire night(s)

In the spirit of embracing all things Novembery, once again I headed back to my childhood Hertfordshire home to repeat my tradition of walking through the muddy woods to watch pretty lights go bang in Cassiobury Park. An equally fun addition to the weekend was getting to experience Bonfire night in Lewes – a pagan-style event featuring rival Bonfire societies bearing burning crosses, anti popery sentiment, rolling barrels of flaming tar, and a whole host of traditional (and some non-traditional) costumes, floats and effigies (Guys, Tories, Rupert Murdoch). The tiny town attracts tens of thousands of visitors, giving it a somewhat crowded, carnivalesque and jumpy atmosphere (street bangers kept exploding nearby; spent a lot of the time shell-shocked, ears a-ringing).

German Christmas Market

In spite of what I just said about the ‘C’ word, this was actually pretty decent. It reminded me of a wonderful trip to Berlin several years ago, when I got to taste the glory of clove-suffused mulled wine for the first time. Positioned along the South Bank, this annual market offers the best of the worst of Christmas – expensive food, drinks, jewellery and crafts. What’s not to love?

Westfield shopping centre

Quite unbelievably, I’ve never been. Yes, I know I’m a self-confessed North London Brent Cross kinda girl, but still, the largest shopping centre in Europe?! Come on! It didn’t disappoint. Can’t imagine it being much fun on Saturdays though.


Somewhat unbelievably, I’ve only ever played Junior Monopoly. It was with great anticipation that I sat down with friends to be taught the ‘real thing’, only to discover it was the LA Lakers version, and ‘properties’ amounted to all-star players. Game start time: 9.30pm. Game end time: 1.30am. Night bus journey home end time: Ridiculous o’clock.

TV I’ll be getting my parents to Sky Plus for me

Any Human Heart. Broadbent, Boyd. Boom.

TV I’ve been missing lately

The X Factor. This guilty pleasure is being cruelly robbed by too many Saturday nights doing much more productive and healthy things than rapping along with Cher Lloyd, inappropriately fancying that really young, curly-haired one in the boyband and shouting things at Weaselhead.

Rough Trade Pop Pub Quiz

Despite anticipating utter, utter music knowledge failure, and a room full of pretentious indie kids, I wasn’t half bad. Must be my X Factor back catalogue and the fact that I’ve got hundreds of albums on my iPod that somehow seem to subliminally seep their way into my brain against my will. We didn’t win (questionable scoring); however, the winning pub quiz name was genius – unfortunately, somewhat inappropriate to write on this blog (or even to say aloud).

Best YouTube video ever

Being a D**khead’s Cool.

I’ve watched this so many times this month that the lyrics are well embedded on my brain. Somewhat concerned that I actually qualify since I do enjoy a good Shoreditch knees-up, and I guess I’m a “part-time blogger”. But then, I do dress appropriately for my gender.

Gym guilt

Not enough hours in the day to build back up to this summer’s dedication of going at least three times a week after work. The descending darkness at 3.50pm doesn’t help matters.

Book guilt

Morning reading on the tube has been replaced by morning napping and generally levitating out of my body and pretending other commuters are big slabs of Plasticine.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1

Haven’t seen it yet (just proves how crazy things are at the moment; it’s usually a diary priority). Loving young Watson’s star style…she’s like a mini Chanel.

Office Christmas Party

The theme is ‘black and white’. Somewhat limiting. Thinking I might recycle my LBD and just buy a really, really massive white flower to pin artistically. Or go zebra.

Ice skating at Canary Wharf

Going here on Thursday. I can’t even stand in ice skates. CHALLENGE!

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