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Well here we are again, inevitably. It’s a New Year, and time for a fresh look ‘n’ feel update to The Edible Editor. Scarily, this is my fourth year with this blog, and while it hasn’t always been as frequently updated as I’d have liked (who am I kidding), it really is still my baby: a place for me to write to nobody in particular. And if it gets read? So much the better.

Mad props to the brilliant Ross Hill for my new logo. It’s sleek and simple, giving me the kind of ‘shop window’ a blog should have. Ross is doing a project through, a clever little site that connects creatives with clients on small jobs for only $5 US dollars.

I’m also really into this new template – it brings the attention back to the editorial, which is where I want you to look.

So enjoy, and please do bear with me while I get back and blogging again.

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