Less is warm: Layer down this winter with free HEATTECH clothes from UNIQLO

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Working for a Japanese technology company renowned for its staggering array of ‘world-firsts’, I’m pretty used to neat, innovative kits from my overseas colleagues.Fixed Gear London It’s not with surprise then that I can say that the mighty Japanese inventors have done it again, but this time in the world of textiles for staple brand UNIQLO.

Rather than slip into a state of wintry depression about leaving the house when it’s dark and coming home when it’s dark, why not slip into some HEATTECH gear, a practical range of cuddly cover-ups made using a new heat-retaining material that’s set to negate the need for layers. At just 0.55mm thick, the fabric grabs your natural body heat and stores it in built-in air pockets, keeping you warm without suffocating you or stifling your body’s natural movement.

Really convenient for winter sports (if you’re lucky enough to be in Courcheval right now), or, more practically, for those daftly drafty offices that your boss refuses to let you heat until after Christmas when it’s ‘properly’ winter.

To promote their invention, the clever people at UNIQLO are giving away loads of free HEATTECH wear across their London stores all next week. All you need to do is get yourself down to one of their top events where you can pick up your vouchers for some free swag and see the clothes in action on a whole bunch of outdoorsy types modelling the HEATTECH collection – including some extra comfy tees, fleeces and lounge pants.

Voucher collection points include Shoreditch’s finest intrepid brotherhood travelling van, Pizza Pilgrims, at Leather Lane Market (EC1N 7TT) from 12pm to 2pm on Monday 10th November only. Pizza and fashion: could it get any more East London?

Pizza Pilgrims

Then, on Wednesday 12th November, Graffiti Life are going to be colouring in the walls at Pedley Street (Brick Lane), with the Pothole Gardener and creative bespoke HEATTECH gardeners giving away more vouchers at High Street Kensington on Thursday. Finally, on Friday 14th November you can see the skilled riders from Fixed Gear London parading their new HEATTECH gear on their bikes at Look Mum No Hands, Old Street, while putting Boris’s cycling shorts to shame.

Or, if you can’t make it to one of the events, go online, download a voucher, and get your (soon-to-be snug) bod into UNIQLO to claim your free t-shirt all of next week.

This is a sponsored post.

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